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White gold jewellery has been very trendy these years and if you are in Dubai, you will not be able to miss to see all the beautiful assortments of both local and international jewellers. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best brands where you can find outstanding quality white gold jewellery in Dubai.

White gold means a gold alloy, where the basic metal of gold is mixed up with a matching metal, which initially will change the original yellow colour of gold into silvery white. Although white gold and silver look similar, the outlook of white gold still delivers a more whitish-shiny colour, which makes it rather to be mixed with platinum. Indeed, white gold jewellery has been excessively famous all around the world for mimicking platinum, and also thanks to the always popular diamond trading as diamond looks the shiniest, when it comes being part of quality white gold jewellery.

Dubai is with all the credits called the City of Gold and does its best to serve this reputation. In no other city will you find multiple Gold Souks and an incredible number of jewellery stores offering the best brands in the world, which includes many of Dubai’s own jewellers. Let us see some of the best Dubai jewellers that are especially famous for their outstanding assortment of white gold jewellery:

Samra Jewellery is one of Dubai’s best. You can find its flagship store in the Mall of the Emirates. It also has a marketplace in the world famous Gold Souk of Dubai that can be found in Deira, the Old City of Dubai, where souk has still its medieval feeling, and when it contains more than three hundred gold stores, we can say that it’s the very centre of gold trading. Samra Jewellery has some of the most beautiful collections of white gold jewellery, they are also specialised in offering some of the most beautiful bridal and wedding jewellery in Dubai. You can find all diamond and white gold jewellery at its best at Samra. The brand has taken its collection online for a couple of years and ships them internationally. So you can visit them online too.

Al Liali Jewellery: Al Liali is one of the oldest traditinonal jewellers of Dubai, which has been specialised in selling the highest quality diamond and white gold jewellery. The brand has outstanding collections and can be found in all the downtown shopping malls, including the Gold Souk of Deira. You must not miss to see the fine assortment of white gold jewellery of Al Liali.

Pure Gold Jewellers: in the past decade, Pure Gold Jewellers has grown out to become the most intensely growing and one of the highest quality jewellery brands of Dubai. There is no jewellery, which you would not find in the elegant stores of Pure Gold Jewellers. The brand offers if collections in more than 20 stores all around the downtown of Dubai, which means you will not miss visiting one or more of them.

If you are on the quest to find the most beautiful white gold jewellery in the world, you will surely find it in one of the upper named brand stores in Dubai. This huge city sells by far the best and finest quality jewellery in the world, and if you catch the place and time, you will be able to buy them much cheaper than from anywhere else in the world.