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Rose gold jewellery has become extremely famous from the 2000’s due to its unique outlook that makes some coloured gemstones look even more beautiful looking. In Dubai, the City of Gold you will see the beauty of rose gold jewellery in its fullest. In this city, you will find the best quality designs made out of the highest quality gold and surely be tempted to buy rose gold jewellery, after speding time in the huge shopping malls, all packed with dozens of the highest quality local and international fine assortments representing white, gold and rose gold jewellery. Dubai is the Mecca of gold, and in this article, we will try to help you to find the best places where you can buy the best quality rose gold jewellery for the best price.

Rose gold, which is also called pink gold comes in diverse shades and looks its best when its represented in bracelets and rings. Nowadays the most beautiful way of representing rose gold comes by way of multiple colour jewellery, which is made only by the highest quality brands in the world. Rose gold is not an alone-standing metal, it is an alloy, which, with the help of other metals, mostly bronze, helps to change the signature golden yellow colour of the original gold metal into a more reddish shade. This shade varies depending of the added quantity of bronze from light pink to rose gold. Therefore, the highest carat of rose gold jewellery is 18ct. These years, the best quality brands have started to employ different techniques to represent three shades of gold, mostly yellow, white and rose gold together in one ring or bangle where they look their best. In Dubai, there are dozens of the highest quality brands, which will surprise you with the beauty of their fine assorment of rose gold jewellery, let us see some of these:

Damas is the biggest brands in Dubai and its fame is non-stop growing, thanks to being the biggest, representing around 30 brands of both local and international brands and due to its extremely high quality standards it employs when it comes to both making and trading fine jewellery. Damas has at least a dozen jewellery salons in downtown Dubai. If you want to see the unique rose gold jewellery in the world, then it is Damas Jewellery where you need to go to. Damas also has great collections of male rose gold jewellery.

Pure Gold Jewellers is among the fastest growing jewellery brands of Dubai and if you visit their shops, you will see why. Employing high quality standards, Pure Gold Jewellers comes right after Damas Jewellery in quality. Originating from India, Pure Gold represents an enormous quantity of diamond, white and rose gold jewellery coming from all around the world.

The Dubai Mall, although not a jewellery brand is worth mentioning as an alone-standing place to find rose gold jewellery in Dubai. There is no other shopping mall in the world where you find the highest quality local and international jewellery brands in such quantity and quality. From Cartier to Damas Jewellers, this mall features about an hundred jewellery stores, even having its very own Gold Souk! This is a place you should not miss, when visiting Dubai.

Of course, there are many more places and brands that sell fine quality rose gold jewellery in Dubai, where you can literally spend weeks with jewellery hunting: still these upper mentioned Dubai brands represent a wholly different dimension when it comes to the art of jewellery. In Dubai, you will see the full beauty of Rose gold jewellery and surely be tempted to get one or more art-pieces of jewellery for you.