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The passion for gold jewellery has always increased with its durable quality and perfect shine of metal. Men and women both prefer to own the metal for its long ability to accompany in terms of jewellery. People love to wear it in variety of styles such as pendants, necklaces or rings. Such variety is preferred according to the desired enhancement. Dubai is considered as the biggest platform for tracing the gold jewellery and bringing world-renowned brands to its homeland. Among such high profile brands, Malabar jewellers hold major importance for their outstanding quality and irresistible designs.

A number of collections can be traced at the Malabar jewellers that have the perfect capability to bring the irresistible look. From traditional style of jewellery to the modern and elegant touch, each item is worth of its customer attention. The contemporary style of jewellery works magnificently for many occasions and bring a distinctive look for the bearer. From gold rings to earrings, one can trace the ultimate variety that has made the brand more recognized among others. Malabar jewellery is known for its finest gold and its fusion with other metals that ensure to bring the absolute grace in its appearance.

Kashmeera is the gold bangles collection by Malabar that are designed on the Kashmir traditional ways. The traditional style of bangles has the best capability to blend with modern style and can be used in any occasion for its contemporary look. Another appealing collection of gold jewellery is the one that came all along from India and has managed to earn the magnificent repute in Dubai is Kundan jewellery. Designed in 24k, the Malabar jewellery reflects the traditions and enriched craft of Mughal era. Serving majorly as the bridal collection, the small pieces can serve for the casual use as well.

Meenakari is the unique technique of decorating the metal by combining various miniature metals. The art is considered as the most delicate work and Meenakari in gold jewellery is considered to be the most attractive strategy. Malabar has the huge variety of gold bangles with Meenakari and the large gold sets made with it serve best for the wedding purpose. Traditional collection, on the other hand has used the mixture of these techniques that include kundan, meenakari and other strategies to bring the true traditional look in jewellery. Malabar in Dubai is known for the years of serving the most delicate and elegant designs in gold jewellery.

One of the most attractive collections of the brand is Turkish collection with handcrafted jewellery. Whether embellished with precious stones or present in the form of pure gold, the brand has used the inspirational Turkish designs to bring the distinctive collection among others. From bangles to small sets, the jewellery is truly fascinating in its enriched look. Malabar also present the official site with the complete online catalogue to brief its customers about the latest collections and the inspiration behind it. The brand has laid its magnificent repute in all over Middle East.