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Dubai is the land of gold jewellers and whenever you go, you will see the stores of accomplished gold jewellers who are either locals or came to Dubai in order to set their business up and this way helping the Dubai economy of gold and jewellery trading. Dubai gold jewellers are famous for their high quality gold and great and colourful design of their collections. In this article, we would like you to get to know some of the best places in Dubai where you can find quality gold jewellers.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park was set up about 10 years ago as a one-of-a-king place, which was specifically built for those jewellers who would like save up money for having their workshop and store in the same place, while most importantly, they do not have to pay any sort of taxes in Dubai. Several jewellers have chosen to set camp within the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and after a reconstruction and enlargement of the complex, today its among the highest visited complexes for those, who would like to buy quality gold and diamond jewellery in Dubai. The Park encompasses around 60 different stores of diamond and gold jewellers, some of which have other showrooms all around Dubai such as Dhamani or Damas Jewellers. Other gold jewellers here offer several international brands, among which we can underline the importance of Cara Jewellers, which has become one of the most important jewellers within the park. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is easy to reach by metro, being close to Jumeirah district along the huge Sheikh Zayed Road.

Deira Gold Souk is one of the biggest gold souk in the world and as such, it is also one of the highest visited touristic attractions of the city. In the Deira Gold Souk you can find the stores of around 300 gold jewellers, all of which offer high quality gold, diamond, silver and platinum jewellery. Do not let the name of Gold Souk fool you. Here, you can find all the most elite jewellers of Dubai, who also have stores in the most elegant shopping malls of Dubai. Deira Gold Souk also houses the highest number of gold jewellers who have arrived from India, offering great quality Indian gold and traditional jewellery. Although here you will mostly find the offer of Middle Eastern and Asian gold jewellers, you can trust in their exceptional quality and designs.

Dubai Mall’s Gold Souk is actually the biggest covered Gold Souk or marketplace in the world. Right now, the Gold Souk of Dubai Mall includes around 40 stores from different gold jewellers, which also include international brands. You can find some of the most outstanding designs here for the highest prices, yet it is more than worth visiting the Gold Souk for its great gold jewellers as one unique place of the town. The number of gold jewellers in Dubai is maybe the highest in the world. You can find gold jewellers in hotels, on the streets and in every shopping centre. In case you are interested in buying gold jewellery, then do not miss to check out on the gold jewellers in Dubai.