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Dubai Gold Jewellery: Damas

Jewellery has been considered a beautiful art that present the various styles made in variety of materials. Each material is further enhanced with the necessary embellishments. Among such high quality material, gold is always admired for its durability and authenticity of material. From tracing such high quality gold in global market, Dubai is one destination that has been serving for bringing the absolute charming collection of gold jewellery. A number of brands are displaying their ultramodern collections at the leading stores. Damas Dubai is one renowned name in the business of jewellery with retailing for its own brands as well as international brands.

Damas has managed to earn its repute for the top class diamonds that have given a new look to the gold jewellery. Among the local brands of the company, Boudoor is one brand presenting the elegant collection of diamond made in white old. The small set of the company stands distinctive in its perfect strategy of presenting diamonds in three arrays. Farasha is a brand with unique jewellery bringing the perfect fusion of gold with precious stones. The stone studded jewellery is also admired for its innovative style. Fior of Damas is another diamond studded jewellery that has the floating look and bring the inspirational collection of gold jewellery.

Fulla is the brand of Damas that targets the younger audience with carrying the true spirit of younger demands. A variety of color accents are used for presenting a youthful look to the collection. Harmony is a brand with pure gold and bringing the smaller items that stand perfect for casual use. Hayati is another combination of gold and diamond with the beautiful studded look. Jawaher, on the other hand, is a type of fancy jewellery with the fantastic look of diamonds and the added yellow diamond truly complement the Damas jewellery.

Kiku is the brand that has the trendiest collection of gold jewellery combined with the fresh pearls. Legacy of Damas is the traditional collection of polki style of jewellery that is favourable for the wedding use and brings the fascinating fusion of remarkable designing and flawless appearance. Manthourah is Arabian traditional style jewellery that presents some of the most innovative styles modifying the traditional look. OneSixEight and Solitiare are the specifically diamond jewellery brands, however the use of gold ensures to provide them with the distinctive look. Damas has a number of such brands showcased in its every store in Dubai.

Another exciting feature to shop from the company is the list of international brands. Dealing majorly in diamonds, the addition of gold has provided with the true majestic look to each piece of the jewellery. From Baraka to Chiampesan a number of elegant jewellery can be witnessed with its own thought of craftsmanship. Marco Bicego is the handcrafted jewellery with the elegant touch and excellence given by the variety of colour accents of gold. Damas is known for bringing the best to its stores. However, one can also conveniently explore the online catalogue with latest designs.