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24k Gold Jewellery Dubai

24k gold jewellery represents gold in its pure form and where else to find 24k gold jewellery than in Dubai. Although being literally non-existent in its pure form, we can indeed find pure gold jewellery in Dubai. Let us learn more about 24k gold jewellery and the importance of gold being one of the most important elements of trading of Dubai.

From the time human being exists, there has been always a need to seem more attractive and richer by ways of representing jewellery in all ways and forms. Gold has been the epitome of richness for a long-long time. 24k gold jewellery was first made and used in India, where the very first gold mine of humanity also exists. From the time of the richest Maharajas in the world, India has been the land of gold with being the biggest importer of 24k gold jewellery to all parts of the world. It is indeed hard to imagine the sheer quantity and the richest designs of Indian jewellery if you have not seen them before. India still represents the top of jewellery making and trading. These years the best Indian jewellers have set up their camp in Dubai, in order to widen their business or simply to make career in the United Arab Emirates, which over the past decades has been the undisputed capital of gold in the world.

Before starting our exploration among the assortments of the hundreds of different local and international jewellery brands which have their stores in Dubai, let’s state that it’s incredibly rare to find 24k gold jewellery even in Dubai. The reason for this is the texture of pure gold, which is indeed very soft yet heavy, making 24k gold jewellery close to be incredible to be worn because of all the difficulties that come with its softness, being very hard to design and basically to keep its form while being worn. In order to make the highest profile gold jewellery, jewellery makers have chosen the 22k gold jewellery being the most expensive of gold jewellery to be sold in diverse designs. 22k gold alloy has 95% of pure gold content and the 5% of harder metal which gets mixed with gold makes the metal lighter and also harder, in order for any jewellery to keep its form for a longer time. 24k gold in Dubai is sold in coins and as accessories of 22k gold jewellery, it is also sold in Dubai as plaiting to non-gold jewellery and its widest known form of being sold is in bricks to all the rich investors, who do not fully trust in today’s bank system.

Therefore 24k gold jewellery is best to be treated as virtually a non-existent form of jewellery even in Dubai and it’s been replaced by the much more suitable 22k gold which makes your jewels withstand time and multiple wearing. Although 24k gold jewellery would represent the ultimate form of gold, for the obvious reasons stated above, it is not sold by jewellery traders as wearable jewellery. In order to check out this purest form of gold though, you will surely see some beautiful art pieces at many of the hundreds of the great jewellery stores of the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira where the highest quality of 22k gold jewellery is sold, sometimes with 24k gold parts on them.