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22k Gold Jewellery Dubai

22k gold jewellery represents the highest quantity of gold that can be ever found in gold jewellery. And what can possibly be a better place for you to find the most beautiful collections of 22k gold jewellery than Dubai, the City of Gold which in real represents gold trading in its best and where the best brands sell their finest assortment of quality jewellery. If you are a connoisseur of gold jewellery, you will be amazed by the level of quality standards, when it comes to offering the best, when you are in Dubai.

Dubai has become the City of Gold, when setting up its Gold Souk, an alone-standing marketplace specialised in selling gold jewellery. This is not only a road where you can find jewellery stores. The huge souk includes more than 300 stores including the highest luxury local brands of Dubai to some of the historical jewellers that opened their stores with high success. Coming from India, you will see 22k gold jewellery in its best and very often, you can even get the best rates, when you are buying jewellery at the Gold Souk of Dubai.

To ask why 22k gold jewellery is the highest carat gold found in jewellery, the answer is simple: 24k gold means the pure gold, is unable to be worn for the long haul. Gold is a metal, which, if it’s pure, it’s quite soft and also very heavy. This means if gold jewellery would ever be made out of 24k, not only would it be extremely expensive, it cannot be worn without its shape and form changing dramatically from time to time. Therefore, jewellers have decided to make 22k gold jewellery the highest quality gold jewellery, which means gold metal is mixed up with another metal in order to be harder, to keep its shape for years. In Dubai, you will see some of the most beautiful examples of 22k gold jewellery. The biggest local brands, such as Taiba, Damas or Pure Gold Jewellers offer an enormous amount of the finest 22k gold jewellery. Apart from these huge, luxury brands, you will find dozens of local brands where you will see 22k gold jewellery to be represented in extremely beautiful collections in every style, from European to traditional Indian and Asian.

You will find, when it Dubai, there is no other place in Earth where you can find such beauty of gold: in every shapes and forms, transformed to unique designs. When looking for 22k gold jewellery of course you can’t miss visiting the huge Gold Souk of Deira where you can literally spend days, just with browsing among beautiful collections of 22k gold jewellery. Here, you can bargain and can buy jewellery for great prices. You will be amazed by the huge quantity of gold that makes the souk shine in golden light all day long. This place also represents the highest quality brands of Dubai.

When looking around in Dubai, you will see, that of course it’s not only the Dubai Souk, where you can buy jewellery in here: it’s the centre, but there are jewellery stores in extreme quanitiy all around the city. You cannot miss visiting some of these, you won’t be able to resist to the great and beautiful 22k gold jewellery which Dubai has to offer. If you arrive here during the summer or Autumn, look out for the great sales which goes on in the city for weeks and applies to most of the jewellery stores as well. When you feel it’s time for you to explore the most beautiful 22k gold jewellery in the world, then it’s definitely Dubai where you will have your dreams come true.